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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Every big family dinner we ate over at Grandma's included this magical bowl of goodness. It was always served with dinner, as a side. It was a creamy, citrusy concoction that was almost reminiscent of a Dreamsicle. For years, I thought my grandma had just invented this delectable dessert, and that all kinds of love, magic, and special ingredients went into it. Little did I know it was just some Jell-O, pudding, and Cool Whip. I made some last night, and although different from Grandma's, it's still delicious. Here's her basic recipe:


1 Box of orange gelatin
1 Box of lemon pudding (cook & serve, NOT instant!)
1 Tub of Cool Whip


In a large bowl (needs to hold at least 6 cups), prepare Jell-O according to package, but use 3/4 cup of water (both hot and cold) instead of 1 cup. Put aside.

Prepare pudding as directed on package. Pour into the bowl with the Jell-O and stir until completely mixed. Put in fridge and let set for a few hours, until firm.

When ready to serve, spoon into bowls, and top with a dollop of Cool Whip. Alternatively, you can spread the Cool Whip over the top, while it's in the bowl, and serve it with dinner.

Last night, I strayed from the tried-and-true recipe of Grandma's, and decided to use cherry Jell-O and chocolate pudding. It's still delicious, and much more decadent.


I also got some vanilla pudding and peach Jell-O. Hubbster also suggested banana cream pudding and strawberry Jell-O. The possibilities are practically endless!

I'd love to know if you make this, and what flavors you use!

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