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Friday, November 10, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

I'm not sure if that it the right title for this post, but my creative juices are dwindling today, so that's what you get. I finished the MalaBrigo scarf for James' sister. I really liked the way it turned out! I'm going to block it and hopefully that will open up the eyelets a little bit and keep the edges for rolling. The colorway is Blue Surf, and it is such a pretty color. The veregiations are really subtle. I wish I liked blue better, and it was more of my color, but oh well. Here are some pictures of the finished scarf.

Blue Surf Malabrigo Scarf 2

Blue Surf Malabrigo Scarf

The pattern was really easy, and worked out great with the Malabrigo, although I'm sure it would look great in any weight yarn. So here's the pattern, play with it!

Needles: US 11
Gauge: Doesn't matter

Make Knot (abbr. MK)- purl 3 stitches together without sliding off the needle. Yarn over, then purl the same three stitches together again, slide all three stitches off the needle.

Cast on 22 stitches(more or less if you would like it wider/thinner- make sure you stay in a multiple of 3 stitches plus one.)

Row 1 and and all odd rows: Knit.
Row 2: MK, repeat until last stitch, purl.
Row 4: Purl 2, *MK, repeat until last 2 stitches*, purl 2.
Row 6: Purl 1, *MK, repeat until end.

Repeat these 6 rows until scarf is desired length.

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Comments on "Another One Bites the Dust"


Blogger Queen Geek said ... (7:20 PM) : 

Very pudry scarf! She'll like it!


Anonymous Adam said ... (12:27 AM) : 

Great scarf! I love the way the pattern and the yarn go together. Congrats on a job well done :)