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I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


A few days ago, I finally finished my Desert Jaywalkers! WOO! They came out great, and fit like a dream. See for yourself:

Finished Desert Jaywalkers 2

Finished Desert Jaywalkers

I love these socks. They're super comfy and cozy and soft. LOVE! The pattern was really great, and I am beyond stoked that they fit so well. Awesomeness all around!

Once I finished those, I wasted no time getting started on another pair of socks. (Is this one of the signs of sock addiction? I didn't even CONSIDER any other project.) I decided to copy Sara, for once, and started a pair of the RPM socks in some Panda Wool (Her's were actually Panda Cotton, but whatevs). (I'd link to her project, but um, Sara? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pull up an individual post from your blog. It hates me.) Anyways, I'll quit with the ellipses now (maybe) and get on with a photo:

RPM Socks- Getting Started

This pattern is ridiculously simple. I think these socks are going to be great, too! Yaay for socks!

Okay, on a crappy note- something weird is going on with my elbow, and knitting seems to be aggravating it. so, I'm trying really, really hard to not knit for a couple of days. I don't think I'm going to last the rest of the afternoon...


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