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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Plethora of Stuff

I have quite a bit to write about today! some of it is new news, some of it is older news that I finally got around to. All of it is good news, though! For starters, here is the picture of the wrap dress I made for Joie. I have to put ribbon in the proper places so I can tie it in the back, but I think that can wait a while, seeing as this won't fit her for a few more months.

Wrap Dress

This next one is a sweater that our friend Autumn knit for Joie. I've been meaning to share it with you guys since I got back from my vacation, but haven't found time to photograph it until now. Isn't is darling? It is going to fit her perfectly this winter. She did an awesome job on it, too! If only I could knit so flawlessly...


Now for some fun news- our friend Amber just had her twin boys! We went to go see them on Sunday, and they are so tiny and precious! I can't even imajine having twins- I wish her the best of luck with her two beautiful little boys! Here is baby Cheden- he only weighs about 4 pounds!


And this one is little Phoenix. He was about a pound smaller than his brother.


Aren't they precious? Here is a picture of Joie trying to stick Cheden in her mouth. It's a good comparison shot- Joie is pretty small, and it makes you see just how tiny this little guys are!

Joie and Cheden

In other news, Joie is cutting a tooth. Her very first! It has made for an interesting few days. She had been pretty crabby, and I feel bad for her. I guess now I have to start figuring out our solid food regimen. I haven't really been feeding her solids regualrly, but I always said once she got teeth I would quit nursing. I'll probably go a little longer, but once she starts biting, that's the end of it!

In knitting news, I decided to cast on for my Fuzzy Feet. The yarn I dyed is knitting up beautifully- once I get a bit further into the cuff, I'll take some pictures of it. I adjusted the pattern a bit instead of adjusting my needle size for gauge- it should work out just fine. turns out that I am a tight knitter- the main issue with the wrap dress was that I used a worsted weight yarn, and apparently the pattern yarn was smaller. Oh well! Realizing that patterns can be adjusted and learning more how patterns work want to make me design something myself. Maybe something else to do in the future...

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Comments on "A Plethora of Stuff"


Blogger Miss Priss Knits said ... (12:37 PM) : 

Fuzzy Feet is that the same pattern you sent me? I so need to start on those. I am currently knitting up a baby blanket for my friend Amber who also recently had a baby boy.

The two lil ones look so precious and perfect. I bet your lil one was like oo another one like me:)


Blogger KnitPastis said ... (5:29 PM) : 

Your sweaters turned out great! Really great. Ahhh, Fuzzy Feet, you are going to love these. I made a pair when I took a class at ACMoore
on how to knit on two circulars with the Patons Classic Merino wool.


Blogger Sara said ... (3:53 AM) : 

Darling sweaters and babies! And I love the fuzzy feet yarn. Wish I was as skillful with the Kool Aid!