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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Project Spectrum: Elements

Another round of Project Spectrum began at the beginning of February. I've participated in the two previous ones, and am pretty excited for the third. These have always been a lot of fun, and a great inspiration to branch out in my color choices, knit something new, and explore new things.

This time around, the idea for color choices is fresh and fun. Each two month section will have a focus in one of the four elements- fire, water, earth, and air. I love this idea, and I think it allows for a textural influence as well as colors. I'm hoping to be inspired to take some more pictures and try some new things, as well as play with the colors and visual impact of the elements in my knitting.

It's taken me a while to find the time to start a project for this part of PS:E, which is focusing on the fire element. Reds, pinks, and oranges are some of the color suggestions. Thinking about it, I knew I wanted to use this yarn for something. It's only about 140 yards, so I had a hard time finding a pattern. I eventually settled on doing this with it. I knew that the thick and thin yarn would look great in the stitch, and that this yarn would make a super cozy scarflet.

Not wanting to take the wedding shawl to Stitch n' Bitch (it's too much for my brain to handle there), I had to think of something quick to grab last Tuesday. I decided to finally start this project! I absolutely love how it's knitting up:

Herringbone Scarf 1

She called the color "Neopolitan", but to me it screams "campfire!". I absolutely love the colors, and love it in this pattern. It's super sqooshy, and will definitely be quite the cozy knit! I'll leave you with a close-up shot:

Herringbone Scarf 2

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