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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Finds

Now that it's summer, the Hubbster and I like to go garage sale-ing on Sundays. Last week was our first real morning going out, but we hit a few good sales, and came away with some cool stuff. Among the finds were a little bag of dress-up beads for the Monsterette and a nice bag for me, probably a secondary knitting bag- when the big one is too big, and the small one is too small.

The last garage sale we hit was a really nice lady with some cool stuff. (This is where I got the bag.) She had a whole box of yarn, most of it acrylic. I did, how ever, dig for some treasure, and got an entire bag of this for a buck:

Lopi Wool

That, my friends, is Reynold's Lopi Wool. I got a little over 500 yards. For only a dollar! I was soooo stoked. I know I'm not supposed to be buying any more yarn, but that was just too good to pass up.

I got to talking to her, and she knew me from my Etsy site. on thing lead to another, and I mentioned that I was trying to find good, natural soaps. Well, turns out she has an Etsy shop for that, as well! She gave me a whole bar of her lavender oatmeal soap for free, to try out. Is that awesome, or what?!

All in all, it was a great Sunday.

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