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I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Home Again

Back home from a short visit to the mountains. Spent some time at the local park. Got some knitting done, and had fun playing cards over a few tequila sunrises. Relaxed a little bit. Got in some political debates. Had some yummy food, and there was no car sickness on the drive there OR the drive home! Woot! (The Monsterette is quite known for her car sickness. Major suck.)

So, have I mentioned that my Grandpa is paying for the entire family, including me and The Monsterette, to go on a Christmas cruise to Cozumel? Pretty nice of him, huh? I'm actually kind of bummed- this means missing Christmas with my boyfriend. Also, I am a big of fan of a traditional Christmas. This will definitely be a little weird. I'm also stressing out because of money and the joys (SARCASM) of traveling with a toddler. Anywho, hopefully it'll be fun. It'll be good to see the family, at any rate, even if I will have to cram my fat pasty ass into a swimsuit in December. Blegh.

Have you ever been to Cozumel, or that area of Mexico?

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