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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fetching in Purple

I started a new pair of Fetching gloves at Stitch n' bitch on Tuesday, and they're coming along well. This will be the fifth pair I've made, but only the second pair I've made for myself. My first pair, which I love, is getting a bit ratty, and I wanted to make a pair that was longer in the wrist and finger area. The yarn is Goddess Yarns Mary, a 50/50 blend of wool and viscose. More on the yarn in a second, here's a picture of the first one so far:

Fetching in Purple

I absolutely love the color! The picture is pretty accurate, although it's really a wee bit richer in person. The yarn is smooth and almost silky, but still has that feel of durability from the wool. It's nice to work with, however. HOWEVER. Since I started knitting from ball, I've had no less than FOUR spots where one of the plies was broken, and I had to cut and rejoin. At first I thought I was holding it too tightly and causing the ply to pull apart, but such is not the case. I tried to do it on purpose, with not even a glimmer of success. No, I totally blame the yarn. I did write to the company, but no word back from them yet- I'll let you know if I hear anything. At any rate, I'll keep knitting, and just have a ton of ends to weave in when I'm done. I still think I'll love the gloves, although it makes me a bit wary of using the two balls (in turquoise) that I have in the stash right now.

On another note, after Stitch n' bitch Tuesday, my left elbow was killing me! I totally had some knitter's elbow going on. I suppose knitting for almost four hours straight isn't such a good idea. Next week I'll try to remember to stretch! On top of that, I was knitting up a storm yesterday, finishing a hat (which I forgot to take a picture of) for one of my friends' coworkers. Totally didn't help with the elbow pain. I used lots of IcyHot, and I'm trying to avoid knitting today, even though it feels a lot better. Don't want to take any chances...

See you tomorrow, with more new project goodness!

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