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Monday, January 07, 2008


For a little back history here, I am totally into the fashion reality show, Project Runway. Because of this, I am also an avid reader of the Project Rungay blog, mostly because it's fucking hilarious. Well, that, and they're just Anyways, I digress...

At the start of the season, they had a few outfits that caused what they described as "mismatched tittery"- basically, making a girl's tits look uneven. They thought they might need a term for it this season, and asked the readers to give suggestions. (You can read that post here.)

I pondered for a bit, then came up with "titscrepancy". I personally thought it was great, besides enjoying a bit of word smithing. The other big suggestion was "titlexia", but still, not quite as witty, if you ask me. You can click on the link to the post above to scroll through the comments and see mine with my suggestion, if you so desire. I didn't really have another thought of it, until a few weeks later, with this post. They used my word! I was so freakin' excited, especially when this popped up in the comments from the blog authors, in response to people loving the word:

"We can't, alas, take credit for titscrepancy, We asked our readers for words describing mismatched tittery and that was one of the best ones offered."
They used the word again in this post. Then, my crowning glory: The word was mentioned in a real, live, newspaper! Yes, folks, here's a quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Project Rungay readers also came up with this new gem: titscrepancy, to describe breasts of mismatched proportions."

Although a little miffed that they used the plural "readers" when it was only my suggestion, I was still super stoked! My claim to fame! I'm shooting for at least a new dictionary entry, if not Word of the Year 2008...

See you tomorrow!

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