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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book Report: Run With the Hunted

I finished reading this book a few weeks go, actually. Charles Bukowski's Run With the Hunted was definitely interesting. The collection of short stories and poems has a very autobiographical tone, which makes it hard to pick out what stories are just words on paper, and which are based on life events. They are chronologically ordered, so you really get a glimpse into his life.

I enjoyed the book, a lot of making me laugh, while also being sad. The stories and poems are very intimate, and sometimes just downright sexual. His style of writing was interesting, as well, a lot of it reading much like a journal entry. I would definitely read more of his books in the future. All in all, an enjoyable read, although I wouldn't recommend it to people who are a bit "sensitive" or touchy about erotica. Definitely not a book you bring home to mother (unless, of course, your mom is a pervy old lady- maybe an ex-stripper?).

Since then, I've started Ken Follet's World Without End, which follows his book Pillars of the Earth, but set 200 years later. If you want to know more, look down a bit on my right-hand sidebar, for the "Currently Reading" section.

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