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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I decided, since I'll be blogging every single day this year, that one day (at least) should be dedicated to something specific. I saw the "Ten on Tuesday" over on J.P.'s blog, and it looked like something fun and simple. I'm going to give it a try! (And, uh, yes, I'm aware it's Wednesday. Shut up.)

Ten Things That Were Better "Way Back When"

I don't have much of a "way back when", being only 23, but here goes...

1. Living with the 'rents. Back then, I didn't really have a choice, and they paid for everything. I know that in adulthood, living the the parents is not only NOT fun, but it's a total social damper.

2. Sleeping in. Yeah, it's still nice to do, but now if I sleep in (and the Hubbster does, too) then the chance of poop getting smeared all over the place increases greatly.

3. Driving. remember how much fun it was, when you first got your license, to drive everywhere?

4. Watching movies. I loved being carefree and enjoying stupid humor movies, like the stoner ones and silly stuff like that. I also miss watching a great movie, and not critiquing it. My Hubbster has totally tainted me. Although, it does make me have a greater appreciation for the really good movies.

5. Summer. It really means a lot more when it's not just another season, but three free-roaming months of bliss, away from school, to spend on the beach and going to parties.

6. Staying up late. such a privilege when you're younger- staying up late, watching tv. now, i do it because I can't sleep, or have knitting to finish, or want to savor the precious "toddler sleeping" moments a little bit longer. This, though, goes hand-in-hand with number two.

7. Playing outside. Remember the joy of a sunny, warm afternoon outside? How did we find so much shit to do?!

8. Cartoons. Have you guys seen the newer Tom & Jerry's? They're LAME! I miss the days when cartoons weren't teaching kids Spanish, or manners, or how to count. Just good, old-fashioned violence.

9. Movie stars. I wish they were still the classy, beautiful, chic people they were back in the day. Sure ,there was scandals, but they were classy scandals, ya know?

10. Going out to eat. Hungry two-year-old in a busy restaurant. 'Nuff said.

I promise from now on, these'll actually be on Tuesdays. See you tomorrow!

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