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Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Alright. That time is upon us, and I have some serious cleaning and organizing to do. This list is more for my own organization, but I thought you guys might be interested in how filthy and unorganized our humble abode is. I can hopefully do at least one thing on the list a day, and it should only take me until December or so to get the spring cleaning done! Woo!


- Move the stove and fridge, sweep and mop underneath.
- Scrub the floor.
- Clean out the fridge.
- Clean out the pantry and organize it better.
- Clean out the cabinet above the sink.


- Get a handle on the laundry!
- Figure out what in the closet hasn't been used since we moved in, and get rid of it.
- Throw out unpaired and worn out socks.
- Clean the windowsill and blinds.
- Edge vacuuming.
- Finally take the bags for Goodwill to Goodwill. They are doing nobody any good sitting in the closet.


-Organize the junk under the sink, and get rid of what isn't being used or we don't need.
- Scrub the floor.
- Scrub the tub and shower walls.
- Caulk around the tub to keep the ants out. (Gross, I know. At least they stay in the bathroom.)


- Clean out and organize that one weird cabinet.
- Organize the knitting/craft cubby.
- Get a handle on the stash- no more buying yarn!!
- Figure out how to make the carpets look less dirty.
- Sand and paint the coffee table (okay, not really cleaning, but something I REALLY want to do!)
- Clean the blinds.


- Throw out any junk.
- Make room in the closet to store the tools.
- Vacuum the outdoor carpeting.

I think that's pretty much everything. Sigh. I should get cleaning.

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