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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Retro Palace

We have been looking for a house to rent to get out of our tiny little apartment. After some searching and one heartbreaking denial, we found it. A roomy 3 bedroom house in the NE Heights, 1 3/4 bathrooms, 2 car garage, great yard (needs grass, though- more on that in a minute), wood floors, a fireplace.. All around, a really great house. The house, though, was built in 1965, and that is a little bit apparent throughout. Take, for example, the original oven that (allegedly) still works:

Oven from 1965

All in all, though, the kitchen isn't bad:

Retro Kitchen

The counters are a not-too-bad golden yellow color, and all the cabinet hardware is copper colored. Really, though, not too bad, and with some cute curtains, I think it'll be a decent kitchen.

The living room is pretty awesome:

Living Room 001

The fireplace wall is the only wall with wood paneling, thank jeebus, and I think that the built-in bookshelves make up for that. The beautiful (insert eye rolling) orange velour curtains are going to get replaced with some nice blinds. On the wall opposite the window, which you can't see in this picture, is a big ol' chunk of mirror tiles. Totally fug, and must go. it looks like the installers of said gross mirrors at least had the common sense to put them on a board and then attatch it to the wall, so removal of that should be pretty painless. I think the mirror above the firelace is going to go, too.

The master bath is pretty small and just has a shower, but I love the colors:

Master Bath Shower

This is the shower, and is actually pale yellow and black. I'm planning on doing black bathroom accessories, which should make it look pretty cool!

And now, the grand finale, my favorite part of the whole house. Let me introduce to you what I have fondly dubbed The Pink Bathroom:

The Pink Bathroom 001

The Pink Bathroom 002

I love this little bathroom! The pink toilet makes me smile and giggle, all at the same time. I think it is so cute! Planning on getting rugs and towels and whatnot in a light grey color and stainless steel accessories. I think it'll look really great! Of course, I will take pictures of the house when it is all settled and little updated. There's lots more to show, too!

Anyways, we're moving into The Retro Palace in 10 days. Yaay! I'm really excited!

See you guys soon!

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