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Monday, November 05, 2007

More Yarn

Even though my yarn box is literally overflowing with the stuff, I can hardly keep myself from buying more. These last few weekends have been no exception! A few weeks ago, Erin went to the yarn store here in Albuquerque with me, and I picked up this:

RYC Classic Cashsoft DK

It is RYC Classic Cashsoft DK. I'm planning on doing some gloves or mittens with it, in combination with the same stuff in lighter pink, that I got from The Hubbster for my birthday.

The following weekend, I went up to Santa Fe to use up some of my gift certificate, and came away with these:

Blue Sky Cotton

Blue Sky Cotton

Both are Blue Sky Cotton, and I'm planning to do a scarf. This stuff is so soft! I love the colors together, too.

Finally, this last weekend, the Hubbster and I were at Hobby Lobby looking for Dremel stuff (which they don't carry) and I got this on sale for a buck a ball:

Yarn Bee Mosaic

It is Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist. I'm planning on remaking this scarf, because the first one I made I can't stand to wear. The yarn is way too itchy, and I am not that sensitive to wool, either. Sigh. I so love that scarf, too. Hopefully the new one I make will be just as lovable!

I also bought some dishcloth cotton, but I won't torture you with those pictures. I'm off to Ravelry a bit.

See you tomorrow!

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