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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I'd Buy if I had a Million Dollars

There’s no getting by easy on this one like saying “giving it to charity” or “saving it for my kids’ college”. You’ve got a million dollars, and you’ve got to spend it on yourself. Your list can add up to a million dollars, or each of the items on your list could be huge million dollar splurges. Your choice! Be greedy, spoil yourself!

1. A house, of course! Somewhere in the open, with lots of land, but not too far from a Metropolis. A decent sized house, not too big, though. Definitely a fully furnished crafting room, and a studio for The Hubbster (he paints). A nice big kitchen with a functioning coffee shop area, and a spa bathroom. Oh, and a theater/game room and a library.

2. At least 10 skeins of every single color of Malabrigo, so I would always have enough of any given color on hand. Of course, there'd be a big display wall for it in my craft room.

3. A new car! Maybe two... I think an awesome minivan, all black, and slick looking, so I could be the coolest mom on the block. And a convertible, for my cruising pleasure.

4. A Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360, with loads of games. Of course, the big screen HDTV and surround sound are necessities.

5. Books! tons of books! Every book I've ever wanted, reference books, fiction, non fiction, cook books- everything. (Well, I have to fill my library!)

6. A crazy, gigantic wedding. The perfect dress, flying all my friends and family to some exotic beach location, and a huge party (with an open bar, of course!).

7. Traveling everywhere. Seeing the great sites of the world, hitting the beaches, the cold places, and everything in between with my family.

8. Alpacas and sheep and goats and bunnies (oh my)! All those great fiber-producing animals, to shear and spin and dye and just have a ton of fun with.

9. A combination coffee shop/yarn store/game store. We've always wanted to do this!

10. A nice retreat home, somewhere on a lake, with a boat and tons of rooms for everyone.

I almost feel guilty doing this! It was hard to be selfish and not think of Monsterette's college, doing something nice for my parents, and giving to charity, all things I know I would do.

See you tomorrow!

Ten on Tuesday

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