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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sock Knitting and Goodies

Now that the wedding shawl is done, I can finally start knitting what I want to knit! a few days ago, I cast on for the Aquaphobia socks with the rockin' yarn I got from Sarah at Perfect Day Yarns:

Aquaphobia Sock 1

I love this yarn! It's nice and soft and smooshy, and the colors are great. They work wonderfully in the pattern, too!

The pattern itself is really nice. Not too hard, but definitely not boring. I picked it because I didn't want to do a plain stockinette sock, but didn't want something too complicated, either. I have a knitting plan, too, to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome (for my non-knitting readers, this is when you've knit one complete sock, and then lose interest before you have a pair). I split the skein into two even balls of yarn, and plan to knit the first one up to the heel, knit the second just past the heel, go back to the first and knit up to the toe, back to the second and complete the sock, and then knit the toe and finish the first sock. hopefully that'll help!

Oh, I'm using the KnitPicks Harmony dpn's that I finally received, as well! I really like them, they're great to knit with. I've been taking extra care to make sure I don't break any- my big fear is stepping or sitting on one and it snapping.

I picked up some roving while I was up in Durango:

Pencil Roving

A little out of my color comfort zone, but for some reason, I really like the colors. something about the smoky, cloudy greys and the bright, citrusy green...

The roving is a 100% new Merino pencil roving, made by Zitron. Soft and smooth, I'm excited to spin this up! Mostly, I love it because technically roving isn't yarn yet, so it doesn't break the yarn diet. Woo!

I also got some pretty sock yarn for my FCS3 pal, but no pictures...Maybe a sneak peak later.

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