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Monday, May 22, 2006

Toothpicks and thread

So, the other day, I thought, "how nice would it be to have a nice little knitting project to take with me on my upcoming vacation?" I immediately thought of how everyone says socks are nice and portable, so I searched for a pattern I liked that wouldn't be too hard, and how to cast-on for them. I used knitty's magic cast-on, which is really easy, and the pattern for ankle socks called "pom squad" for magknits. First off, I'd like to say that knitting socks is like trying to knit with toothpicks and thread. The needles are so tiny and the tiny little stiches are cute! Once my fingers got used to it, I got all cast on and ready. Well, I only have 4 needles in the size I'm using, so I tried to make it work (about 25 times, seriously) and it just wasn't. So I need to pick up another pack of needles before I can go on. I do think that once I can actually start knitting the sock, though, I'm really going to enjoy it! And from the tiny bit that I did get knitted up, my new sock yarn for my dye-o-rama pal looks awesome! Thanks, KnitPastis! :)


Comments on "Toothpicks and thread"


Blogger littlehedgehog said ... (7:12 PM) : 

I know exactly how you feel! I had so many battles with socks last year. The best thing that helped me was knitting a couple of fuzzyfeet - that felted sock pattern from knitty.

It's knitting a giant sock very loosely in worsted weight - but the heel and toe are exactly like knitting a real sock. And you'll be felting it so who cares if you make a mistake. After making a few of those and some tiny socks for ornaments at Christmas (which really did feel like knitting with toothpicks and thread) I felt comfortable moving on to "real" socks!


Blogger Tara said ... (7:09 AM) : 

I'm so very chicken to even TRY a sock, lol.


Blogger Mama Grouch said ... (3:28 PM) : 

If you are going on vacation away from your computer I highly recommend printing out step-by-step PICTURE instructions to take with you. I still have mine in my knitting folder for reference.

The heel flap is where I needed it the most, it just didn't make any sense to me. It also went against my nature to turn before the end of the row. Socks are evil but fun once you get the hang of them. I use mine more than any other knitting project I have ever done (except for scarves).


Blogger KnitPastis said ... (9:04 AM) : 

It's not D on's KnitPastis your Dye-O-Rama Swap pal thanking you so much for the link to the site on the hank twisting! I am so excited to see your knitting you are doing with that yarn. Toothpick size needles make my hands cramp,he hee. I the smallest I will use is US 2 but most of the time US 3. Have fun on your vacation!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:33 PM) : 

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