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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I got my package from my "secret" pal for the Favorite Color Swap yesterday, and it is magnificent! Her identity wasn't really a secret because I ran the swap, but I was pleased as punch to get a box goodies from my dear friend Erin. Here is a picture of my haul!


If you can't tell, my favorite colors are pink and orange. I got some fabu notecards to feed my addiction (yes, I really am addicted. I don't think I'll send all the own in my lifetime. You can never have too many, though!) and some great yarn- the pink is some Paton's Wool, destined to become a cute basket-weave knitted bag lined in black (someday soon, hopefully), and the orange is Lion Brand MicroSpun. I know, all you yarn snobs are gasping and looking away in horrow, but I love acrylic yarn, and this is buttery soft and swanky. I've decided it will become this scarf and add some funk to a somewhat elegant lace pattern. Although, the definite highlight of this package was the mahvelous fabric- I am so in love! The colors are totally me, and I know I want to sew a needle case and all that, but this stuff is so awesome I may make purses out of both fabrics, just so I can show it off! Here is a close-up of the fabu fabric:

Great Fabric

I really do love it. I bet you do too. I bet your jealous, even. Heh heh heh...MINE!! ALL MINE!!
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!! *chokesnortlecough* Ahem. I'm done now.

I also sent out my pal's package last week, and did snap a picture of it all ready to go. My pal was the lovely, talented, purple-and-pink lovin' Lyndsey-Jane over at My Knitting & ME.

To my Pal

She's already gotten it, so you can go take a look at her blog to see the goodies unwrapped. It was a lot of fun to shop for nifty purple goodies for her and wrap them all up. Aren't swaps fun?!

I'm kind of sad that it is almost over. All I have left to do is make sure everyone has sent and received packages, and that's almost over with. It was chaotic and crazy in the beginning, but I will definitely be doing it again- probably sometime in the beginning of the new year.

In other cool news, I submitted my post about my frilly girly dice bag to Yarnival- the new online blog carnival thingie (she explains it much better than I do- go check this out), and it was chosen! I know it's not really that big of a deal, but I sure think it is cool. It is probably as close as I will ever get to having anything published. So yippee for me!

Thanks again, Erin, for a wonderful surprise- you're the greatestest!


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Blogger Queen Geek said ... (8:28 AM) : 

I'm ever-so glad you liked it! Now, go forth and make purdy things! hee hee

That's really cool about the dice bag pattern! I share your excitement, it's always cool to be recognised even if it's in a "small" way!

Remember when Neil posted my question on his blog? I almost shat myself. So, here! here! Yay for you! :)