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Monday, November 06, 2006

A History of the Craft Part One

I thought I would let you all in on how I became the Craft Mistress I have become. Before I start, though, I would like to say thanks to Sara for a wonderful idea to blog about!

I have always been creative, spending a lot of time in my youth with crayons, homemade paper mache, siczzors, glue, string, pretty much anything I could get my hands on and mold into something different. When I was about nine, my mom taught me how to do counted cross-stitch. I made a few ornaments, and even designed a Ninja Turtle for my little brother. I did a lot of it, and got better and better, my crowning achievement to date being an angel I did for my mom for Christmas a few years ago. It has been a while since I've done it, much less finished anything, but I do like to do it. I just with there were cooler designs and something to with them besides baby items, tea towels, and framed hangings.

I sew quite a bit, too. This was the natural progression from cross-stitch. Or, at least in my mind it was. My mom sewed a lot as well, and made me and my siblings numerous outfits when we were younger. I've done one quilt- a Mother's Day quilt for my mom a few years ago. It was small, lap size, and very basic- just squares and pre-bought quilted backing. I did do some little yarn tails at the square corners, though. With beautiful quilt patterns like these, though, it is something I would love to try again. I have also sewn a lot of clothes for Joie, a few Halloween costumes, a handful of purses, and I'm sure lots of other things that don't come to mind. I really enjoy the quickness of sewing, and how you can finish a small project in just a few hours.

When I was about 18, I picked up knitting. My Grandma knits, but I had never asked to learn, nor had she ever offered to teach me. So I picked up one of those kits to teach myself knitting, a skein of some baby blue Red Heart, and started a garter stitch scarf. I was using size 6 needles, knit about 4 inches, got frustrated trying to purl, and gave it up. When I got pregnant, I decided I wanted to knit a baby blanket. I picked up some more Red Heart, the needles I needed, and started a basket weave blanket. It was the very first knitted project I had ever finished! I was very proud. It took me forever. I even made matching baby booties. Sadly, since then, the blanket has sat in a box in the closet, because I hate to have my daughter endure such scratchy acrylic. Although, she has worn the booties.

My First Project

Being a left-handed knitter has proved challenging, as almost every pattern, stitch instruction, and chart is written for right handers. I can usually reverse directions easily. Most things, I don't have to. There are a few things that are effected if left unchanged, though, such as cable directions and such. Since the baby blanket, I have at least gone for the soft acrylics when I use them, expanded my collection of knitting needles, acquired some stash, and have a list of patterns I want to knit a mile long.Things I haven't tried yet, but will soon, include color work, cables, and socks. I sure have come a long way in under two years!

Crocheting is another fibery hobby I have recently picked up. I think it is a ton easier than knitting. Many knitters who try to learn it after they have been knitting don't like it as much, but I think it is great, because the stitches have such a different look than their knitted cousins. The downside, though, is that there aren't as many cool patterns out there for crochet. With the help of Debbie Stoller (author of both Stitch N' Bitch books plus Stitch N' Bitch Crochet) and the online mag Crochet Me, there are a handful of rockin' crochet patterns out there. I've crocheted a scarf and a hat, a few dishclothes, and am working on a wrap. I'm sure there will be more in my future. Although, not a much as knitting.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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Comments on "A History of the Craft Part One"


Blogger Queen Geek said ... (5:36 PM) : 

Hooray for crafty you! We like crafty you. Well, we like you in general.

Um...who's we? Good question. Let us get back to you on that one.

(Sorry, I'm tired)


Blogger Sara said ... (10:59 AM) : 

Sorry I am so behind on reading posts...stuff going on at the homefront...

Really enjoyed reading about your's always fun to know what types of crafts people enjoy working on...and it is great to see someone else's creative side - I think we each inspire each other...