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I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

D is for...

D is for decisions. I have a hard time making them, usually, because of being a Libra (at least, that's what I blame it on). I like to weigh everything carefully before choosing, and most of time, it takes a while. Example: We go to Baskin Robbins (home of 31 flavors of ice cream, if you didn't know). I carefully look at each type, seeing what's in it. I then try to narrow it down to three of four choices. I decide which of these would go well together ( I usually go for two scoops), and if that's what I want, or all one flavor. I then narrow it down to two, usually one that is a chocolately or similar, and one that is fruity or similar. By now, the Hubbster is giving me dirty looks, and telling me to choose already, because he's known what he wants for 5 minutes. I then think about what I really want. I think about how it's going to taste, if the texture will be pleasing, if it'll satisfy my ice cream desires. I then waffle over it while James is ordering and make a last-second decision, which I am usually happy with. Crazy, isn't it?

I'm like this with a lot of things- where to eat if we go out, what to eat when we get there, dessert or no dessert. I do the same thing in book stores, yarn stores, online stores, clothing stores, pretty much everywhere, unless I already have a clear idea of what I want and am going just to get that one thing. Although, that's not a guarantee, either- just today, I pondered my grocery list, halfway through with my shopping. Yes, decisions in my life are a complicated thing.

See you. You know when.

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