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I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

F is For...

Today was a wonderful, typical Sunday here. We woke up and had orange sweet rolls and coffee for breakfast, and played a game of cribbage (I lost today). We hung out for a while, and i ran an errand while the Mosterette took a nap. Then, of course, began our usual Sunday ritual.

F, my friends, is for football. Hubbster and I are both fans, although for different teams. Every Sunday is usually spent lazing around, him on the computer and me with knitting, watching football games. Monsterette is a fan, as well, although she is pretty much excited about everything that happens. She does know how to say and motion for "touchdown", and we think she may be doing the motion for "false start" as well. We definitely have a happy football lovin' household here.

My team is the New York Giants. I'm not really sure when or why I started liking them, but nonetheless, they are "my team". Besides, one of the receivers (Jeremy Shockey, if you're curious) is dreamy. Being originally from Minnesota, I will also always root for the Vikings (unless they play the Giants), and am born to loath the Green Bay Packers just as much as the Philadelphia Eagles. Hubbster's team is the San Diego Chargers- he decided they were "his" when he was younger, because he liked the lightning bolts on the helmets. Isn't that cute? Here's a random bit of "me" trivia- the most expensive piece of clothing I own is my Giants hoodie. I know, it's weird. Anyways, I promise no more posts dedicated exclusively to sports.

See you tomorrow!

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