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Saturday, June 14, 2008

'Poo Free, Day 3

You guys had a lot of good stuff to say about the whole no 'poo method! Some of you had some questions, so here's some answers:

Lauren asked: I guess I'm curious why only twice a month?

Well, twice a month seems like a good, realistic goal. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I don't think people before shampoo was invented, did a lot of hair washing. I'll probably end up adjusting the frequency depending on how my hair is- maybe more washings in the summer, things like that.

Sarah asked: What's your hair like normally?

I have fine hair, but it's fairly thick. It's pretty much stick straight, and notoriously oily. I HAVE to wash it every other day, and even then, it's pushing it.

For those of you who are more curious of the methods, this is the best resource I've found. Lots of info there!

So, it's been two days since I've washed my hair. Yesterday I did rinse it out with hot water in the shower, which helped. It's greasy, but not as greasy as it used to get. I picked up a natural bristle brush, as well, to help distribute the oils from my scalp to the ends.

Hubbster and I both thought it was a little dry after the first washing, so the next time, I'll be using less baking soda, to see if that helps keep it from drying out.

Another odd side effect, which is kind of cool in a gross way: My pores on my scalp feel more open. I sweat more, and easier, than I used to, especially when doing something strenuous. It's a little weird, but not bad. Kind of makes me wonder what shampoo and conditioner was really doing to my pores!

On another note, I'd like to start using natural soap, and possibly natural toothpaste. Do you guys use any of these, have any good resources or favorites, or places that you like to get these from?

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