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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

F*ck Cancer.

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Since I have some breasts of my own, and I'm sure many of my dear readers do as well, I am in full support of this. I personally have not had anyone in my life with breast cancer, but sadly, the chances are good that I will at some point. To show my support for the cause and all that, I'm going to go pink for October. Okay, okay, I was already pink. So I guess for the month of October I will be dedicating my preferred pinkness to the cause. So do your boob checks in the shower, wear some pink, and show your support!

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Comments on "F*ck Cancer."


Blogger Bagpuss said ... (11:34 AM) : 

'Here here'. My stepdad's late wife was a victim of breast cancer so it is something that I try to think about regularly. I took part in the Race for Life this year and will defintely do so again next year.


Blogger Queen Geek said ... (8:11 AM) : 

I think that you have come up with a great new slogan: " Cancer!". It's simple, easy to remember and it gets the point across. Down with Cancer! I've got my pink ribbon pin on.


Anonymous Mel said ... (12:44 PM) : 

I have worn pink every day this month, along with my pink wristband and pink ribbon pin. Let's start the a trend, baby!