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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why I Knit

The last few days, while working on the long stretches of plain knitting on the Ruffle Scarf, I've been thinking a lot about why I knit. (Not like, "Oh, God, WHY?!"-a bit more contemplative than that.) Of course, I really enjoy the finished product, especially things I use and love like my ever-growing collection of scarves, the awesome fetching fingerless gloves, and of course, the almighty dishcloth. I also really love the process. Even these long, dull sessions where all I do is knit hundreds of stitches in a row, all the same, there is still something very relaxing about it all. I can go as slow or as fast as I want, and it really helps me think. Knitting for me is very meditative, and I really like that.

I think the main reason that knitting calls to me is because I can create. I have always been creative, ever since I was little. My mediums change, but I love learning new techniques, new ways to do something. I love how in knitting, every little peice makes part of the whole, and you can really see yoiur knitting blossom. I love how a project will slowly grow and take shape under the needles, emerging in beautiful cables or a plain stockinette stitch made fantastic by veriegated colors. Knitting is an art form, and there is so much to explore, so many infinite possibilites of stitches and colors and textures, that I think this is a craft I will enjoy for years to come.

The ruffle scarf is coming along nicely. I am now about halfway there, but only four rows to go! It doesn't sound like much, but those four rows are half of the project. Scary, huh? Not to mention I'm going to have to cast off 1600 stitches at the end of those four rows. Although this scarf is taking a while, and it is very repetitive, I'm enjoying it. I love seeing the ruffles forming and the how the variegated pinks are playing together. I know I'm going to love this scarf. The only thing that isn't a bit pleasant is the Mohiar Inhalation Factor (we will now refer to this as MIF). When one has a ball of mohair yarn next to them that they are constantly pulling off of and knitting from, tiny little mohair strands begin floating around you. this problem is especially apparent when one is knitting fast and furious. (Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about out there.) All of the sudden, you get up because you've had to pee for the last half hour but really wanted to finish that row, and your shirt is covered in this little strands. You stretch and take a deep breath, and realize your mouth and nose are stuffed with these little fibers, too. This, my friends, is the MIF. It kind of sucks. Those fine little threads are really hard to get out of damp orifices (out of the gutter! NOW!). I still love the yarn, though, and hopefully this problem stops once it has become a scarf.

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Blogger Queen Geek said ... (8:36 AM) : 

MIF does sound unpleasant indeed! Yikes!