Nichole D.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Once again, blogging got away from me. A lot of family was here, a big festival of balloons, a surprise trip to Minnesota with The Monsterette, and of course the general business of my life- being a mom, going to class, doing my homework, and trying to squeeze in time for a few friends, my wonderful boyfriend, and Facebook. But here I am, on a chilly Saturday, and all day I have been pretending like there isn't homework or laundry or dishes, that the really the only thing needing to be done is to lounge around in my pajamas and catch up on the blogs that I used to read and miss dearly! This evening The Boyfriend is at work, so it'll be a quiet house- maybe a stop at my friend Devon's gallery to hang out for a bit, and then a night to myself. Since I'm neglecting all of the things I should be doing, I suppose I could continue that into the evening, instead of working on the refinishing projects in the garage or picking up the mess all over the house. I would much rather sit and watch a movie, maybe do some knitting, or curl up with my book and some hot herbal tea. Sometime this week, hopefully in the next few days, I'll post my pictures from Balloon Fiesta- Always a great time, and a great chance to take some cool pictures!

See you soon...


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