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I currently live in New Mexico with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter in The Retro Palace. I'm currently a student double-majoring in Cosmetology and Architectural Drafting. I spend what little free time I have knitting, crocheting, sewing, and almost any other project I have time for. I do occasionally eat and shower, but only if there is no knitting to be done.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting Out of Hand

As if I don't have enough knitting projects planned, I decided to stroll through all the designers on Ravelry. (I'm on page 7, out of 67.) I keep finding projects to add to my queue, which now has 221 projects I want to knit in it. My stash? 108. (for non-ravelers, that's 108 different yarns in my stash- it doesn't count how many balls/skeins of each I have.) Seriously, is my obsession hobby getting out of hand? Am I spending too much time knitting, too much money on yarn, too much time online doing knitting related crack things? Maybe. do I give a fuck? NOPE! Just make sure, guys, that if I get too crazy, and start staying up for days to finish stuff, or spending our grocery money on yarn, intervene, okay?! I'm going to go add some projects to my queue...


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Thousand Words?

Flasher Dog

See you tomorrow...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I'd Buy if I had a Million Dollars

There’s no getting by easy on this one like saying “giving it to charity” or “saving it for my kids’ college”. You’ve got a million dollars, and you’ve got to spend it on yourself. Your list can add up to a million dollars, or each of the items on your list could be huge million dollar splurges. Your choice! Be greedy, spoil yourself!

1. A house, of course! Somewhere in the open, with lots of land, but not too far from a Metropolis. A decent sized house, not too big, though. Definitely a fully furnished crafting room, and a studio for The Hubbster (he paints). A nice big kitchen with a functioning coffee shop area, and a spa bathroom. Oh, and a theater/game room and a library.

2. At least 10 skeins of every single color of Malabrigo, so I would always have enough of any given color on hand. Of course, there'd be a big display wall for it in my craft room.

3. A new car! Maybe two... I think an awesome minivan, all black, and slick looking, so I could be the coolest mom on the block. And a convertible, for my cruising pleasure.

4. A Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360, with loads of games. Of course, the big screen HDTV and surround sound are necessities.

5. Books! tons of books! Every book I've ever wanted, reference books, fiction, non fiction, cook books- everything. (Well, I have to fill my library!)

6. A crazy, gigantic wedding. The perfect dress, flying all my friends and family to some exotic beach location, and a huge party (with an open bar, of course!).

7. Traveling everywhere. Seeing the great sites of the world, hitting the beaches, the cold places, and everything in between with my family.

8. Alpacas and sheep and goats and bunnies (oh my)! All those great fiber-producing animals, to shear and spin and dye and just have a ton of fun with.

9. A combination coffee shop/yarn store/game store. We've always wanted to do this!

10. A nice retreat home, somewhere on a lake, with a boat and tons of rooms for everyone.

I almost feel guilty doing this! It was hard to be selfish and not think of Monsterette's college, doing something nice for my parents, and giving to charity, all things I know I would do.

See you tomorrow!

Ten on Tuesday

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Monday, January 28, 2008


This last week has been rather crazy, and not in an entirely good way. Last Tuesday we discovered we didn't have any hot water- apparently there was a gas leak. Needless to say, this was not fun, especially since the Hubbster works a very physical and dirty job. Our hot water wasn't restored until Friday afternoon. Yep, almost four whole days without a shower, or being able to wash a load of laundry (or laundry rooms were closed until it was fixed). Thank goodness it's back on now!

Thursday evening, my mom got into town for a short visit (she's leaving this afternoon). We went to bed after I picked her up, at almost 1 AM. I was rudely awakened at 4:30 in the morning by the dumb skank (really, she's awful) who lives upstairs. for about an hour there was tons of pounding on the floor and yelling. I ended up calling the cops, thinking they're may be fighting up there. The cop knocked on the door for at least half an hour, she apparently was pretending she wasn't home. Another cop showed up, and was yelling through the door that if she didn't open the door they would force it open, since there was a report of a fight. The Hubbster and I enjoyed this muchly- karma's a bitch, isn't it? I really hope she moves out soon, this is not the first time we've called the cops on her, and she truly is a wretched neighbor.

A pretty good few days with my mom, hanging out and eating some good food. Then, yesterday, Hubbster went to run some errands. When he got back, we couldn't start the car. Not that it wouldn't start, but more that we couldn't turn the key in the ignition. The steering wheel had locked up, and no matter how hard we tried, nothing was happening. today I spent about 4 hours just trying to get it towed to a repair shop, and it's still not going to be fixed until tomorrow. Thank goodness we have a second car, although it's costing us a ton for James to commute in the thing. Really, we have the worst luck with cars.

So, not the greatest week, but we still had a good time visiting with my mom. thank goodness she was here, too, because it would've been a real pain in the ass if she hadn't be able to watch Monsterette while I was dealing with car crap today.

Interesting to see how the votes are going for the kitty name! I'll try to get pictures of her soon!

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kitty Name Poll

Yes, we kind of have a cat. She found us one morning, meowing outside our door very early in the morning. I put up signs, have been checking the paper, and put a note on craigslist, and no one's claimed her. We're thinking she was abandoned by the stupid skank that lives upstairs, but that's a story for another day! So, for now, we have a kitty. since we're deciding to name her, we're planning on keeping her, unless someone comes forward to claim her. (Really, I hope no one does.) So, we need some help with the names! we've compiled our favorites into a poll, so vote! I'll try to get some pictures to post when we decide which name we pick.

What Should We Name the Kitty?
Bagheera (the panther from Jungle Book)
Kitty Noir
Something else

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drive-By Blogging

Alright, not much going on here....I need some black cat names, though, give some suggestions, I'll post a poll tomorrow with some of our ideas, and some of yours! See you then! I'm off to bed! I'm using too many exclamation points! Maybe I do that when I'm tired?! WOO!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Cool Things

Here's a post of some cool things I've seen around- knits, websites, blogs, and the like. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: some hard core nerdery follows. Clink links at your own risk! (No, not all are nerdy, just most.)

Little Otsu

The Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings

Which way is she turning? Can you make her switch? Make yourself think you're crazy!

Pirate-ize your vocabulary, mateys!

This is just funny, in that messed-up kind of way.

See you tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two Things...

Stumbled across this today. Let me know if you play, too!

Two Things

A few years ago, I was chatting with a stranger in a bar. When I told him I was an economist, he said, "Ah. So… what are the Two Things about economics?"
"Huh?" I cleverly replied.
"You know, the Two Things. For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important."
"Oh," I said. "Okay, here are the Two Things about economics. One: Incentives matter. Two: There’s no such thing as a free lunch."


Two things you need to know to be a mom:

1. nothing will ever stay truly clean, so don't get stressed about it.
2. They'll move out eventually!

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I decided, since I'll be blogging every single day this year, that one day (at least) should be dedicated to something specific. I saw the "Ten on Tuesday" over on J.P.'s blog, and it looked like something fun and simple. I'm going to give it a try! (And, uh, yes, I'm aware it's Wednesday. Shut up.)

Ten Things That Were Better "Way Back When"

I don't have much of a "way back when", being only 23, but here goes...

1. Living with the 'rents. Back then, I didn't really have a choice, and they paid for everything. I know that in adulthood, living the the parents is not only NOT fun, but it's a total social damper.

2. Sleeping in. Yeah, it's still nice to do, but now if I sleep in (and the Hubbster does, too) then the chance of poop getting smeared all over the place increases greatly.

3. Driving. remember how much fun it was, when you first got your license, to drive everywhere?

4. Watching movies. I loved being carefree and enjoying stupid humor movies, like the stoner ones and silly stuff like that. I also miss watching a great movie, and not critiquing it. My Hubbster has totally tainted me. Although, it does make me have a greater appreciation for the really good movies.

5. Summer. It really means a lot more when it's not just another season, but three free-roaming months of bliss, away from school, to spend on the beach and going to parties.

6. Staying up late. such a privilege when you're younger- staying up late, watching tv. now, i do it because I can't sleep, or have knitting to finish, or want to savor the precious "toddler sleeping" moments a little bit longer. This, though, goes hand-in-hand with number two.

7. Playing outside. Remember the joy of a sunny, warm afternoon outside? How did we find so much shit to do?!

8. Cartoons. Have you guys seen the newer Tom & Jerry's? They're LAME! I miss the days when cartoons weren't teaching kids Spanish, or manners, or how to count. Just good, old-fashioned violence.

9. Movie stars. I wish they were still the classy, beautiful, chic people they were back in the day. Sure ,there was scandals, but they were classy scandals, ya know?

10. Going out to eat. Hungry two-year-old in a busy restaurant. 'Nuff said.

I promise from now on, these'll actually be on Tuesdays. See you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

M is For...

M is For Magic. No, not mine, or anyone's, really. Actually, it's the title of a book by one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman. (And, uh, I haven't read it yet. Have it on audio book, already to go!) Neil's writing always blows me away. I am captured by every story, drawn to the characters, and engrossed in the book. Some stories are sad, some scary, some whimsical, but they're all great. I'd have to say that my favorite so far is probably Coraline, a story geared to young adults, but is a great read for kids of all ages. The creepiness of it all is really fun, too.

Erin, another big fan, drove us (me rather pregnant at the time) up to Denver for two days, just so we could go to a book signing and reading. It was a lot of fun, and I now have a signed copy of Anansi Boys and The Sandman: Endless Nights. (Speaking of which, Erin, did I lend that to you? I can't find it.) My library of his books is slowly growing, and someday I'm sure I'll be quite proud to own every book he's done. Which, really, is quite a lot of them. for now, I'll just re-read the ones I have, and hopefully pick up some new ones along the way!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Blah Blogger

Blogger apparently ate my post for the day, I'll try to recreate it later. Stupid blogger. No cookie for you!

See you tomorrow...


Sunday, January 20, 2008


As most of you dear readers know, I am a New York Giants fan. Well, they just beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime, and are going to the Superbowl! I am beyond excited. My throat hurts from yelling, I'm sure the neighbors hate us, but who gives a fuck?!



(photo property of the NFL)

*Wanders off grinning and humming Queen's "We Are The Champions"...*


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crappy Yarn

I have everything but the thumb done on the first Fetching glove, and I must say, the yarn sucks. I love the color, love the texture, but in one little fingerless glove I had seven (SEVEN!) spots where one ply was broken, and I had to cut the yarn and rejoin it. This really sucks. This is, in my eyes, totally unacceptable for a commercial yarn that people pay money for. I have not had a response the the "email" I sent them days ago. ( I say "email" because they're only contact method is a "leave a comment" form, which, to me, is totally inadequate. No email address or anything? Really?) I'm totally not happy, and a little hesitant to start the second glove, because it's such a pain in the ass. I would never buy any yarn from this company, with the lack of customer service and the issues with the yarn. I would recommend you guys don't, either!

See you tomorrow!

ETA: The yarn is Mary, by Goddess Yarns.


Friday, January 18, 2008

New Scarf

I started this a few days ago, it's the Rainy Day Scarf pattern. I've decided to name mine the probably-sunny-but-maybe-a-bit-cloudy scarf, due to the lack of rain here in New Mexico...

Rainy Day Scarf

The yarn is the stuff I hand-dyed forever ago. The first time I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to use my brightly colored yarn for it! It'll be nice and cheery in the cold, bland, winter months, no? At any rate, I'm enjoying the knit, and I think it'll be awesome once finished.

I took the day off from knitting yesterday because of the knitter's elbow, but I think I'm going to go work on my gloves and watch a movie. See you tomorrow!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fetching in Purple

I started a new pair of Fetching gloves at Stitch n' bitch on Tuesday, and they're coming along well. This will be the fifth pair I've made, but only the second pair I've made for myself. My first pair, which I love, is getting a bit ratty, and I wanted to make a pair that was longer in the wrist and finger area. The yarn is Goddess Yarns Mary, a 50/50 blend of wool and viscose. More on the yarn in a second, here's a picture of the first one so far:

Fetching in Purple

I absolutely love the color! The picture is pretty accurate, although it's really a wee bit richer in person. The yarn is smooth and almost silky, but still has that feel of durability from the wool. It's nice to work with, however. HOWEVER. Since I started knitting from ball, I've had no less than FOUR spots where one of the plies was broken, and I had to cut and rejoin. At first I thought I was holding it too tightly and causing the ply to pull apart, but such is not the case. I tried to do it on purpose, with not even a glimmer of success. No, I totally blame the yarn. I did write to the company, but no word back from them yet- I'll let you know if I hear anything. At any rate, I'll keep knitting, and just have a ton of ends to weave in when I'm done. I still think I'll love the gloves, although it makes me a bit wary of using the two balls (in turquoise) that I have in the stash right now.

On another note, after Stitch n' bitch Tuesday, my left elbow was killing me! I totally had some knitter's elbow going on. I suppose knitting for almost four hours straight isn't such a good idea. Next week I'll try to remember to stretch! On top of that, I was knitting up a storm yesterday, finishing a hat (which I forgot to take a picture of) for one of my friends' coworkers. Totally didn't help with the elbow pain. I used lots of IcyHot, and I'm trying to avoid knitting today, even though it feels a lot better. Don't want to take any chances...

See you tomorrow, with more new project goodness!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Things...

I had pictures of new WIP's, but those'll have to wait until tomorrow, because right now I'm too damn tired. (Note to self: Blog during the day instead of at 11:30.) Instead, you get a list of things I may, or may not, blog about in the coming days:

-New knitting
-Yarn review
-Knitter's elbow
-More crap like this

See ya tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pay it Forward

The "Pay it Forward" love has been burning through the knitblogosphere (more on the idea in a minute). After seeing it a few places, I decided to go for it, and was one of this great chica's recipients. I did not expect to receive such an awesome gift! Look at the handspun gorgeousness she sent me:

Handspun Gift 2

Handspun Gift 3

Handspun Gift

(Yeah, went a little picture-crazy. So sue me.) Isn't it awesome?! I cannot tell you guys how excited I am to have my very own skein of yarn, that someone lovingly spun up. I am in total love. Now, what to make with it...

Onto Pay it Forward details! Here's the basic idea:

It's the Pay It Forward Exchange, based on the concept of the movie Pay it Forward where acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return... just passing it on, with hope that the recipients of the acts of kindness continue to pass it along as well. Here's how it works: I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I do not know what that gift will be yet, and it won't be sent this month, probably not next month, but it will be sent (within 6 months) and that's a promise! What YOU have to do in return, then, is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I originally decided I was going to send three random people some goodies, with a nudge to pay it forward themselves, but no requirement. I still may do this, but I thought I would give you guys the chance to jump in, get a goodie, and spread the love! So, if you'd like to receive something handmade from me and pass the love on to three people, just leave a comment and say so! If not, you may just receive something handmade anyways.

See you tomorrow!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Shop Update

nothing really blog-worthy today, so I'd just thought I'd let everyone know that there's some new earrings up in my shop. Go buy them!

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, January 13, 2008


A new scarf in the works- not yet on the needles, but it'll go fast when it gets there. Going to be similar to this scarf, which is one of my favorite scarves ever. (P.S.- that was my first scarf EVER!)
The trio:

New Mishmash Scarf Yarn

And another photo, not for any reason besides I really like the picture:

Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair

Maybe sometime this week, I'll do it...

See you tomorrow!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I Did Today

- Watched Nacho Libre (I *heart* Jack Black!)
- Knit.
- Cleaned poop off the walls. (please, don't ask. I'm trying to forget.)
- Cleaned the apartment, with the help of Hubbster.
-Went grocery shopping.
- Made cookies (not real- break and bake.)
- Watched the Green Bay packers win in a snow storm.
- Hung out with miss Erin.
- Went to bed, got all cozy, and remembered I had to blog, only a few minutes short of tomorrow.


Friday, January 11, 2008

L is For...

L is for love song. At the risk of you thinking I'm even weirder than you previously thought, I'm going to share some of the lyrics from my favorite "love song". The band is Atmosphere (MySpace page), an indie hip hop band from back home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. although I'm not really big on hip hop music, their stuff is oddly poetic. Onwards to lyrics! (p.s.- this is just a portion of the song.)

Don't Ever Fucking Question That

Enough to hold you to the brightest of lights,
to place you dangerously close to that sun,
enough to acknowledge the flaws you can't ignore
and recognize the cause of what's done is done,
more than enough to put my name behind my ideals,
and neglect my logic twice daily.
enough to keep me looking for my Lucy in the sky with gems,
when I remember how you used to call me baby,
enough to look in my mirror with detest
for every tear you shed regardless of why you wept,
enough to curse any man who can't appreciate the depth
of the ocean I swam till I ran out of breath.

I love you, don't ever fucking question that,
that's why we'll probably never get along.
if I was better at finding the right words to say,
I wouldn't need to write these motherfucking songs.


If you want to read the rest of them, you can here. Otherwise, just wander off, and don't forget to tell someone today, "Hey! I fucking love you!"

See you tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book Report: Run With the Hunted

I finished reading this book a few weeks go, actually. Charles Bukowski's Run With the Hunted was definitely interesting. The collection of short stories and poems has a very autobiographical tone, which makes it hard to pick out what stories are just words on paper, and which are based on life events. They are chronologically ordered, so you really get a glimpse into his life.

I enjoyed the book, a lot of making me laugh, while also being sad. The stories and poems are very intimate, and sometimes just downright sexual. His style of writing was interesting, as well, a lot of it reading much like a journal entry. I would definitely read more of his books in the future. All in all, an enjoyable read, although I wouldn't recommend it to people who are a bit "sensitive" or touchy about erotica. Definitely not a book you bring home to mother (unless, of course, your mom is a pervy old lady- maybe an ex-stripper?).

Since then, I've started Ken Follet's World Without End, which follows his book Pillars of the Earth, but set 200 years later. If you want to know more, look down a bit on my right-hand sidebar, for the "Currently Reading" section.

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Robins are Back

The robins are back
oh, winged bearers of the spring
where did winter go?



Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Normal, Boring Life

Today was a fairly normal Tuesday, although Hubbster had the day off. I knitted a bit, dicked around on the interwebs and Ravelry. Monsterette napped, and I finished three pairs of earrings. It was sunny, but somehow I didn't find time to take pictures of my new yarn, or the new earrings. tomorrow, hopefully...

Went to Stitch n' Bitch tonight, oh it was fun! So good to be going again, after about a month off due to the crazy holidays and such. I really do love those girls. I brought my new lace project (more on that later), but only got one row done before switching to dishcloths. Man, do I love those for mindless knitting...

all in all, a good day. How was yours? See you tomorrow!


Monday, January 07, 2008


For a little back history here, I am totally into the fashion reality show, Project Runway. Because of this, I am also an avid reader of the Project Rungay blog, mostly because it's fucking hilarious. Well, that, and they're just Anyways, I digress...

At the start of the season, they had a few outfits that caused what they described as "mismatched tittery"- basically, making a girl's tits look uneven. They thought they might need a term for it this season, and asked the readers to give suggestions. (You can read that post here.)

I pondered for a bit, then came up with "titscrepancy". I personally thought it was great, besides enjoying a bit of word smithing. The other big suggestion was "titlexia", but still, not quite as witty, if you ask me. You can click on the link to the post above to scroll through the comments and see mine with my suggestion, if you so desire. I didn't really have another thought of it, until a few weeks later, with this post. They used my word! I was so freakin' excited, especially when this popped up in the comments from the blog authors, in response to people loving the word:

"We can't, alas, take credit for titscrepancy, We asked our readers for words describing mismatched tittery and that was one of the best ones offered."
They used the word again in this post. Then, my crowning glory: The word was mentioned in a real, live, newspaper! Yes, folks, here's a quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Project Rungay readers also came up with this new gem: titscrepancy, to describe breasts of mismatched proportions."

Although a little miffed that they used the plural "readers" when it was only my suggestion, I was still super stoked! My claim to fame! I'm shooting for at least a new dictionary entry, if not Word of the Year 2008...

See you tomorrow!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008


A pretty mellow day today, hanging out at home with the Hubbster, watching some football. The Giants won- yaay! I also frogged the scarf size Clapotis I had started with Malabrigo- I don't think it'll be long enough for me to really love it. I'd rather knit something I know I'll love out of the yarn I love! I'm thinking some mittens or fingerless gloves- any good patterns out there, guys?

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice, sunny day, so I can show you guys all my new Christmas yarn. And oh, is there a ton of it! I really think that this year, I'm going to try to curb my yarn purchasing and knit from my stash. I have a lot of great yarn in there, and a lot of great patterns I want to knit. Hopefully I can keep it to buying yarn only for special projects. I'm planning to go through all the patterns in my Ravelry queue and match them with yarns in my stash, so when I want to start something new, I have a few ideas, all ready to go!

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

K is For...

K is for knitting, of course! Definitely more than a hobby for me, it is something I love to do, and do tons of. Here's most of my knitting from 2007:

2007 Knitting

1. Corner Detail 2, 2. Fetching, 3. Braided Cable Detail, 4. Felted Trivet 2, 5. Malabrigo Seed Stitch Scarf 2, 6. Toddler Hat, 7. Foliage Hat, 8. Clapotis Complete 2, 9. Calorimetry, 10. Fringe Detail, 11. Big Red Thing, 12. Garterlac Dishcloth, 13. Cozy Close-Up, 14. Scarf Close-Up, 15. Secret Knit, 16. Finished Sock!, 17. SP10 Scarf, 18. One Skein Crochet Cravat, 19. Wavy Scarf, 20. James' Malabrigo Scarf, 21. Blue Knit Dischcloth, 22. Joie and Ruffle Scarf, 23. Fetching, 24. Drying in the Sun, 25. Dashing

Seeing it all together makes me proud. I was productive this year, I created. And yes, I know, one isn't knitted, but it is yarn I hand-dyed, so it counts, dammit! There's also countless numbers of dishcloths for the year, and three hats I never got pictures of, that were Christmas gifts.

Knit hard (sorry to steal your line, Dickie) and see ya tomorrow!

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Friday, January 04, 2008

J is For...

My life has not been very long, but it has definitely been a journey. I was a rambunctious child, very free spirited and dramatic. I was very strong willed and did crazy things like refuse to wear socks with the seam on top of the toes. I loved dress-up and Barbies, climbing trees and playing in the dirt. Imaginary friends were abound, and I spent time with a lot of books, as well.

Getting older, my free spirit was hampered a bit by life-school, homework, things of that nature. I rebelled, and hard. I got pierced and tattooed. I got into a lot of trouble, and started a vicious cycle that really kept me from enjoying my teen years. I bounced around a lot of different schools and places, but in the end I pulled my head out of my ass and graduated from high school early.

I moved out of my parents' home the summer before I turned 18. I settled in very quickly, I was not afraid of the world. I worked to keep myself afloat, and spent my free time doing whatever the hell I wanted to. The freedom was great. My tattered relationship with my family grew stronger, and life went on.

Life continued this way for a few years; dating, parties, drinking, smoking, having fun. I still worked hard to earn my living, but I was always making time for fun. Then I met The Future Hubbster. We hit it off right away, and moved in together after only a month or so of dating. We got a great apartment in Uptown Minneapolis, with hardwood floors and French doors and a claw-foot bathtub. We were engaged after about a year of dating, and I was so excited. I did settle down a little bit, but mostly, we were still having tons of fun.

We decided to move back to where he grew up- Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'd been to visit, but living there was definitely a different experience. coming from the lush green of Minnesota and being surrounded by lakes, High Plains Desert was like being on the moon for me. I love the mountains, though, and that helped. About three months after we moved, I found out I was two months pregnant. Scared, but excited, I grew a little girl in my belly. We tried to coax her out right before Christmas, but she wasn't having any of that! She showed up, a week later, precisely on her due date. We were blessed with our very own little Monsterette.

After about a year in Santa Fe, I was homesick. I told the Future Hubbster I wanted to move to Albuquerque, where the elevation is a little bit lower, the people are nicer, the city is a CITY, and most of all, there is more green stuff. We've been living here for over two years now, and I've liked it, although I'm still homesick for the green, the lakes, the snow, my family. Hubbster officially became The Hubbster, a little over a year ago. Monsterette continues to grow and learn and become her own person.

Such a journey so far. I never thought, five or six years ago, I would be living in the west, married and raising a beautiful daughter. Life continues down it's path, and I'm excited to see where it takes us next.

J is for journey. See you tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007: a Year in Review

Here's some highlights from 2007- enjoy!

- My life was changed when I discovered these.
- I got a set of the greatest needles ever.
-I made a confession to the Knit Gods.
-A new addiction began.
-I knit my first sock. (They're done, actually, but I'm not happy with them. More on this later.)
- Went to Minnesota for vacation, and road tripped back with my brother and Monsterette.
- I failed at NaBloPoMo.
- My earrings were born.
- I finally knit (and love) Clapotis.
- Had a great time with my parents at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
- Did some successful fulling and needle felting.
- Our first wedding anniversary.
- Monsterette turned two! (blog post and pictures soon)

All in all, a good year. See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


-Lose weight.
-Get organized.
-Clear out the clutter.
-Minimize yarn buying.


-Reduce stash.

What are your resolutions? Good luck, see you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo x 12

I may be crazy, but I've decided to blog every day for the next year. Yep. Exciting, isn't it? I think it'll be nice to help me do some real writing, take some more pictures, and share more of my knitting. If you want to play along, there's still time! Just for reference, here are the guidelines:

- Blog everyday for 365 days.

- Feb.29th is a Free Day and will be the Blog365 day of rest!
(Thanks Leap Year)

- You do not HAVE to post to the same blog as long as you post everyday.

- No internet? Write your post locally and post it once you are back on the grid.

- Computer Broken? Grab some paper and do some old school blogging.

- A post is a post, not everything has to be in writing. Photos, YouTube videos, and the like are all considered content.

- Have fun, because that's the whole point!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? We'll see, I guess...

In other news, I finally went through all my posts and labeled them, so you can now see all the posts in a certain topic. for now, the relevant labels are listed at the end of each post, but soon I hope to have a list in my sidebar so you can read all the posts in any given topic. For example, here are all my posts about knitting. Not into the knitting? Look at all the meme's I've done! Or take a look at all my posts for NaBloPoMo 2006. Kind of fun, isn't it?

See you tomorrow!

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